Testing Cotton Yarn

There are so many different brands 100% cotton yarns out there. I thought I’d get a few together to see what they are all about. All of these yarns I got from either Amazon or from a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

The plan is to knit up a washcloth in each yarn. Every week all of the washcloths will be thrown in the wash along with all the towels like I normally do. During the week they will be the primary washcloths we use from bath time to the toddler throwing them around! I’m looking to see if there is any color change, if the yarn holds up, and how washing will affect the yarn.

To start, my favorite has been “I love this cotton” from Hobby Lobby. This yarn is really soft and very affordable. There are a TON of different colors available, from solids to variegated. The colorway I picked was Sunshiney. It came in a 85g skein with 153 yards for $3.79, made in Turkey.

14 WPI (wraps per inch)

Next up we have Bernat Handicrafter. This was my first time working with it and I was kind of disappointed in the size of the skein. I used colorway ‘blueberry’. It came in a 50g skein with 80 yds, made in Canada from USA cotton. I ordered this one from Amazon for $5.94

12 WPI

Crafter’s Secret in “lime” colorway is another Hobby Lobby brand. For 71 g you get 120 yds for $2.2, made in Turkey.

13 WPI

An all time favorite- Peaches and Cream! I picked up this ball of yarn from Walmart for $1.77. I used colorway ‘forest’. In 70.9 g you’ll get 120 yds. It is made in Canada from USA cotton.

14 WPI

Red Heart’s Scrubby smoothie in “aqua” was really nice to work with plus you get so much yarn. For 100g you’ll get 153 yds. I ordered this from Amazon for $4.49. This yarn is made in China.

13 WPI

Finally we have a random yarn off of Amazon. I have never heard of it before but decided to give it a go. Its Darice in ”ecru”. For $2.99 you’ll get 70.8 g 120 yds worth. This yarn is made in China.

11 WPI

Overall these yarns are pretty inexpensive. I added the WPI because it shows how thick the yarn is. These are all worsted weights but I always thought that the ‘I love this cotton’ felt smaller then an acrylic worsted weight.

My first impressions: I couldn’t really tell a difference between Peaches and Cream and the Crafter’s Secret. The Darice skein really surprised me with how much I liked it. It’s the thickest of the bunch and definitely in the run for the softest. My least favorite would be the Bernat Handicrafter as it is the roughest and the smallest skein.

“I Wanna Make A blankie” Review

When I first saw this yarn I fell in love with it. I impulsed bought it and thought I’d give my opinion!

The skein is a massive 437 yard cake. It says it is a super bulky weight and can make either a knitted 42″x 42″ or a crochet 33″x 33″ blanket. The label came with a corner to corner pattern to make both.

I decided to go outside my comfort zone and learn how to crochet a C2C blanket. Crochet abbreviation makes about as much sense to me as nuclear fusion so I YouTube’d how. There are a lot to choose from and just pick one that makes the most sense to you! Corner to corner blankets are really awesome because they start slow with the increases on each row but once the decreases start, you are finished.

The yarn is so soft to work with. It was difficult and tense on my hands to hold it the normal way looped through my pinky and over my pointer. I found it easiest to just hold it over my pointer finger. Using a size N hook, you use the yarn fast!

Once I got halfway-ish I realized that one cake was not enough. I wanted a big squishy couch throw. One skein would be great for kids or babies but not so much for an adult. My blanket ended up being 50″x 53″.

Now lets talk about price. I bought my two skeins from Walmart and they were $19.98. On the Walmart website they are $19.58. If you go to the Lion Brand website they are $24.99.

There are only six colors to choose from – three variegated and three solid colors. I think more options would be awesome. Good news though, since it’s 100% polyester it is machine wash and dry.

Overall I really enjoyed working with this I Wanna Make a Blankie yarn. It was fun to do something a bit out of my normal. I would definitely use again!