App vs Paper

At any given time I’m thinking of at least three things. There is always so much planning and organizing to do. The chore list is never ending and taking care of a toddler and two dogs, plus a spouse can keep anyone busy busy busy. All this mental tasking means that I forget what row I’m on all the time. Or you know, something juicy happening on tv.

I try and keep a project on the counter. In order for a project to make it to this high level it has to be easy. Its going to be a simple pattern or one that I don’t have to think too hard about. That way when my kid has knocked down the bathroom shelving or my golden pup is sneaking away with some socks I am able to just drop what I’m doing and fix the situation.

But what about all the other WIP’s? How do you like to follow along with a chart or a row repeat?

There are so many great apps out there that can do so much. You are able to import patterns from your Ravelry library or from your pdf files. Its awesome. You are able to count rows and can make separate row counters for whatever you need. I think one of the best things about using an app is that you always have it nearby. Your phone or tablet is not easily lost or broken.

Paper though. There is something special about using a pen and paper. I feel like it’s becoming more and more outdated. I think paper patterns are able to be personalized easier. Notes can be scribbled alongside with ease. If there are multiple pages you can look at all pages at one time. Pen and paper is great too because you don’t have figure out how that one specific app works. Most apps out there have a highlighter or note taking feature but you have to learn how to do that. I like using little notebooks like this. I have a couple of them that way I can put them in my project bags and it isn’t too bulky and won’t damage anything.

I use both. It really depends on the project. If the pattern has a lot of sizes I like to print it out so that way I can highlight and really make the size I’m doing stand out. I use an app the rest of the time. My phone has a special spot next to me on the couch so I can follow along.

Which do you prefer?

Happy Knitting!

Cancun Boxy Lace Top

Lace looks so dainty and fragile. More importantly, it looks incredibly difficult to knit. There are so many stitches to count and mistakes are easily spotted. I chose do to this free pattern from Ravelry to face my fears.

The Cancun boxy lace top by Erin Kate Archer is simple in construction. It’s just two rectangles seamed together. I really like this since I could focus on the new lace techniques and not have to worry about increasing and decreasing.

The pattern called for DK weight yarn so I used Lion Brand Mandala yarn. Using size 8 needles it knits up quick. A couple of garter rows is knit between each of the lace stitches. It was really weird to be purposely making holes in the fabric but I love the way it turned out. The lace stitches are eyelet, dropped, netting, and solid mesh. My favorite stitch is also my least favorite stitch, the dropped stitch. I like how the dropped stitch looks but knitting it was arduous. I really liked how the yarn changed colors within the pattern.

There are so many modifications that you can easily do. Since it was my first time I kept it strictly to pattern. You can make it wider and use it as a beach cover up or add more rows of lace to make it less of a crop.

After you have the front and back done all that’s left to do is to seam the shoulders and the sides. It’ll definitely make a great top for summer!

This top has made lace seem a little less daunting and I really enjoy projects that teach me something new! Do you like to knit lace? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Knitting!

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