Quarantine Knitting

I have been carelessly casting on. If I’ve got the needles and the yarn I’ve just been going for it. My family will be moving to Washington state the end of the year so the more knitwear the better!

I’ve started and completed my first shawl! The only reason I chose this pattern was because I had the recommended yarn. Here is the asymmetrical shawl pattern by Yarnspirations. It uses one cake of the Caron Latte Cake. I really enjoy working with this yarn. It is fuzzy and is really soft. Knitting with it is so smooth and fast.

Last week I challenged myself to make one washcloth a day. I learned the garter slip stitch and kinda fell in love with the way it worked up. The last day I tried to do a mitered square and let’s just say that’ll go into the ‘messed up but usable’ pile. Its not the best but it’ll work. With Hobby Lobby being closed I’ve had to chose different cotton yarn. There is a big difference between them. The Lily’s Sugar N Cream yarn is coarser then the Hobby Lobby brand I’ve been using. It is still really great yarn that you can find at Walmart and Amazon.

I’ve actually done something out of my queue! The Sideways Sweater by Adella Dutra has been so fast and easy to do. Unfortunately I’ve run out of yarn with just one sleeve to go! Luckily I have time to complete it. This is another sweater to add to next winters wardrobe for my little miss. I’m using my favorite needles by Knitters Pride.

I had an impulse purchase. I’ve eyed this yarn at Walmart for awhile now and decided why not. This is the “I wanna make a blankie” yarn by Lion Brand. It is so thick and squishy to work with. I took a break from the needles and figured out how to do corner to corner with crochet. I think it took me three days to make this monster.

Seeing all that I’ve finished I think that I’ve needed to just do some mindless knitting. The days are so out of the ordinary that the easy patterns are really comforting. Hopefully I can get some of my mojo back and do some more challenging knits!

This week my goal is to be a finisher! I’ve got two socks, a blanket, and a sweater to finish. I’ve only thought about starting a new project like five times today. 🙂

Stay safe and Happy Knitting!

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Knitting

  1. Dang girl… are you sleeping? I know little Miss doesn’t let you do a lot of sitting! How are you getting all of this done? I got one sock done! One… who knows the the other will get finished!

    1. I’m sleeping some! I knit standing up a lot ready to chase her. Lol! I do get stuck in the ‘one more row’. One more row and one more row then suddenly it’s midnight.

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