Knitting Needles

One of my favorite sounds ever is the sound of two needles click clicking together. It is so relaxing that I’ll look up knitting tutorials on YouTube to hear it! For others however the click click drives them crazy.

For those of us that like the sound these metal interchangeable needles are great. You get different sizes of cables and gauges to accomplish almost any project. With circular needles you are able to work in the round or flat.

Bamboo needles are great if you want a quiet knit. They come interchangeable, circular or straight. A thing about wooden needles is that the stitches like to stay on them. With metal needles the stitches slide off with ease but not so much with wooden ones. If you are using a slippy yarn it may come in handy.

Another option is to use plastic needles. I’ve found the tips can be a bit bendy if you are a tight knitter. They slide really well. You can find interchangeable, circular and straight needle options.

Needles can really range in price. Your local craft store will have needles that are great and if you wanna be fancy you can find yourself some one of a kind handmade needles. Which needles are your favorite?

Happy Knitting!

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