Oak Muffin Knits

Grandma’s Favorite

I have made a boatload of these simple washcloths. The pattern that I see most is called “Grandma’s Favorite Washcloth”. After making these six last month for testing cotton yarns I got to thinking- what else can I make from this pattern? In crochet, there is a variation for granny squares for EVERYTHING! So why… Continue reading Grandma’s Favorite

Testing Cotton Yarn

There are so many different brands 100% cotton yarns out there. I thought I’d get a few together to see what they are all about. All of these yarns I got from either Amazon or from a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. The plan is to knit up a washcloth in each yarn.… Continue reading Testing Cotton Yarn

When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting

So far 2020 has been trauma and disaster one after another. Many people have turned to their hobbies to cope. When I was a teenager I worked at the community pool. I had a supervisor there whose favorite chore was to clean the wall length windows. She said the repetitive motion and seeing a task… Continue reading When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting

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  1. Loved your post about paper vs. apps – I’ve downloaded dozens of apps but always default to paper and pen. We need a cool app that we can make notes on and highlight with a stylus!!! Best of both! Keep on bloggin!

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