Oak Muffin Knits

Dyeing with Kool Aid

I think almost every knitter has thought about dyeing some yarn. I’ve always heard that you can dye yarn with Kool Aid so I thought I’d give it a go. I found some really great tutorials on YouTube. The best ones I found were by ChemKnit Tutorials. She’s got probably 10 videos just on KoolContinue reading “Dyeing with Kool Aid”

I’m a finisher!

This past week my goal has been to finish off my WIP’s. Even though I did cast on the “My Little Secret Crop” by Jessie Maed Designs, I did get some socks completed! The first finished pair of socks is the “Rose City Rollers Littles Edition” by Mara Catherine Bryner. These are a simple sockContinue reading “I’m a finisher!”

Quarantine Knitting

I have been carelessly casting on. If I’ve got the needles and the yarn I’ve just been going for it. My family will be moving to Washington state the end of the year so the more knitwear the better! I’ve started and completed my first shawl! The only reason I chose this pattern was becauseContinue reading “Quarantine Knitting”

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2 thoughts on “Oak Muffin Knits

  1. Loved your post about paper vs. apps – I’ve downloaded dozens of apps but always default to paper and pen. We need a cool app that we can make notes on and highlight with a stylus!!! Best of both! Keep on bloggin!


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